Company History

We have been in the Business solutions domain since the year 1985 and have worked across a rich gamut of technologies, from the DOS operating days to the recent .Net era.

Having started in a garage, ours is a story of a quintessential start-up in the days when the start-up culture did not exist. With an ancient fossil hardware system on our dilapidated table, we wrote our first code, and created our first every product – Trio Accounting, Inventory and Billing Software.

From there the journey has been unending, we have managed to adapt every change of technology and business ecosystem. From a standard box selling world we have also managed to traverse into the SAAS universe, and have thrived!

The summation of this journey is an experience of 30 years are counting. This history ensures, that at Trio Business Solutions you will avail solutions that work!

Our Product Line of Yester-years:

TRIO Ver 4.0 (Dos based)

Visual Trio

Visual Trio xp

Visual Trio Pro